CHACONNE is a most trusted string instrument dealer in Japan. Our head office is located in Nagoya and we have four branches across Japan. We not only sell, repair, restore and adjust the sound of string instruments and bows, but make instruments named “CHACONNE” using a technique which is presumed to have been used by old Cremonese masters such as Stradivari and Guarneri. We have a large collection of fine old instruments and they are available on a rental basis through CANON, our affiliated company. If you are interested in our instruments or our business, please feel free to contact us.


Hirokazu Kubota Kubota was born in Nagoya in 1949. When he was 14 years old, he listened to a record: Bernstein, New York Philharmonic – Dvořák – New World Symphony. This experience ignited his passion for classical music. When he entered his college, he started to play the cello. He opened a private workshop in 1976 and started to import, repair and restore string instruments. In 1982, he expanded his business and established CHACONNE. Since then, as a worldwide string instrument dealer, Kubota has been actively traveling all over the world including London, New York and Paris (known as the heartland of the old violin market), Cremona and Mittenwald (known as the mecca of violin making) and Beijing and Shanghai (known as the recent capital of violin making), handling a vast number of instruments. As he repaired and restored many fine old Italian instruments, he discovered a structure and a varnish recipe commonly used in such masterpieces. These discoveries form the basis of making his instruments “CHACONNE.” “CHACONNEs” are presently used by more than 300 players in Japan and overseas. In Japan, Kubota and his instruments have got much attention from media such as national newspapers, televisions and magazines.
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April 2015,Genroq magazine
5/27/2012,Asahi Weekly


As a leading string instrument dealer, CHACONNE has more than 30 years of history of repairing and restoring many old Italian instruments including ones made by Stradivari. Through close observation of such great Italian masters works, we have found a structural principle which can be commonly seen in old Italian masterpieces which produce impressive sound. This structural principle and the acoustic theory together have evolved into a musical instrument named “CHACONNE.” The most recent work of our “CHACONNE” is a vivid reminder of a Stradivari in both sound and appearance aspects. If you have any interest in “CHACONNE,” please feel free to contact us.


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